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Thornbury Software - About us

Thornbury Software LLC was established in 1992 as Thornsoft Software to provide a company underwhich to market various shareware programs we had written. These were of two categories: Programmer Utilities and Games. In 1998 we went online with our first website. We became aware of an existing Thornsoft Development and Software but the confusion in the names forced us to change our name to Thornbury Software. At this time we partnered with Overly Software based in Pennsylvania to develop an Object Oriented Programming Library for the Fitted Software Tool's Modula-2 compiler. This association went well and Thornbury Software continued to partner with Overly Software into it's transition into Unquote.com until Unquote.com was closed.

Thornbury Software LLC is a media company dedicated to bringing various media: software, games, film, books, radio and music. We are a family-oriented company and believe there is not enough of this type of media being produced today.